Tuesday, June 30, 2009

on deck

Who's next you ask? They always die in groups of 3? So far we have 5...Ed McMahon, Farrah, MJ, Billy Mays, and Gale Storm, but who's counting. I'm typing as fast as I can because we have a couple on deck....Patrick Swayze or Ted Kennedy. Either one could go at any second. In the fall of 1998, I was living the good life in Sun Valley, Idaho. One day I stepped out of my house and was heading towards the coffe shop, then the gym. An official-looking American car was outside my house and the window rolled down. Some giant, pillowy fat guy asked me directions to the gym. I pointed it was down my street about 5 blocks. I said I was on my way there in a few and he politely asked if I wanted a ride. I declined. As he drove off I realized it was Ted Kennedy. I don't think he knew there was no fried food or whiskey at the athletic club. Good thing I declined or I might've ended up like Mary Jo Kopechne. Although big bad boozing Ted's been fat and in ill health since the late 60's, my money's on Bohdi. Pancreatic cancer is a mother fucker. One of my all-time favorite bros, Tom Montgomery, died of it. He was the radest, healthiest, stud, triathlete, cardio freak, good guy, ex-Marine ever. One day uber healthy-then cancer-then gone 6 months later.

Swayze says cancer schmancer and keeps smoking...

Kennedy's driving skills....


  1. Swayze is safe for now. Karl Malden just died.

  2. Damm girl you're on it. I was lagging. Ol Malden wasn't even on my radar. I guess I was focused on my viewing of Jackson's possbile 30-Car-Parade-of-Death up the 101. Looks like it ain't gonna happen.