Friday, May 21, 2010

daily affirmations

Several mornings each week, on my way to work, I stop by the Montecito Starfucks to pick up some coffee and shoot the shit with my little coffee group. It's convenient and they're some funny motherfuckers so it's always a comedy show. The group is quite the crosssection of society; a couple homos, scientist, architect, CPA, developer, waiter, car salesman, and me, the wax retard. Today, after one of the dudes asks me what I've got planned for the weekend, I reply with "the usual, surfing, cycling, and probably going to the gym". He leans into me and says..."I don't mean to offend, but isn't that a little childish, all that 'playtime' for Jeff?". I wasn't offeneded, but that's exactly what I struggle with all the time in California. Not alot of people around here understand the need to do something BESIDES work every single day in order to keep my head together. I seriously get depressed if I miss even one day. Am I being selfish and childish? Aren't I ever going to grow up? Am I ever gonna get serious about anything? Fuck that! Fuck growing up and settling for the cliche, bullshit, old people's life. I'm not settling. I don't ever want to sit at another stupid fucking happy hour. I don't want attend any industry function just to schmooz. And I certainly don't want to be lazy and boring. All I wanna do is breath fresh air, work up a heavy sweat, and have fun outdoors. Nope, not offended.

Have no fear...I will stay on target.


  1. everyone in this cube land is hard at work playing pacman on google... WTF. let's SURF.

    stay focused Jeffe, listen to the voices in your head and use that HATE, use it.

  2. The voices tell me to stay on target. "R2, increase my RAGE level"

  3. good thing you don't live hours from waves.

  4. fucking good.hate makes you rip.

  5. Do you know how long this flat spell has been going on in MN????? My cube (loser cruiser) is so small that if I fall asleep, I'm unable to fall out of my chair.
    Are you sure they didn't want you to come over and give them a little Jeff time?