Monday, May 10, 2010

Muy tranquillo

I'm having a real hard time getting aggro about anything these days. One of the original purposes of firing up this blog was to point out the bullshit and get angry about something every single day. I mean, there had to be at least 1 thing I could get pissed about every day. But for some reason, I've got nothing. And I haven't had anything freak out about for a long time now. And it's fucking pissing me off. I haven't surfed in 2 weeks, so you think I'd be a little backed up. But no. Been filling my time with cycling(reports coming soon) and pumping massive iron instead. Work is tollerable. My shoulder is fucked up, but it's cool, it'll work itself out. I guess I could only get pissed about my crappy little apartment and all the negative energy that fills it. But I just don't care enough. Life is too fun, it's motherfucking beautiful outside, and summer is here. Muy tranquillo, mi amigos.


  1. i had some of the best $10 mac'n'cheese (southern style) last night, super health food, on top of Hungry Whale gas station pizza pocket and TALL Boy Coca Cola in a can, that's right Tall Boy Coca... I second this motion, TRANQUILLO

    keep working it out, never know when you're gonna feel the hate again and have to FLEX.

  2. call me when you've stooped so low on the hate ladder as to become a Nature Photographer...

  3. A-Man....

    No. No, man. Shit, no, man. I believe you'd get your ass kicked sayin' something like that, man.

  4. sallbout baby birds and poems over here...

  5. Snap out of it, man!! Some are meant to rant. I am not one of them (usually). However, I do love to read others' rants.

    Rant about something. Carrot Top? Kooky surfers? Something! Anything!