Thursday, May 13, 2010


I tell you what, today was kind of fun. I drove around LA making my deliveries, minding my own biz. Just cruizin. You know, a thursday in May. Just me and my thoughts. Oh, and I stumbled upon some outdoor porno shit. Not sure how it happened, but here's my story. Pull up to The Rider Shack on Washington in Venice. While diggin inside the side door of the Waxmobile, some hot broad walks up while filming some other hot, young, dark skinned thang.
They say "het waxman, you mind if we take some pics in your van...your sex van?".
I say "ladies, climb aboard, my van es su van. By the way, what kinda pics are you taaaaaaakk....... Awe shit, I can see your whooo hoooo!"
She had forgotten to wear her undershorts today. Because right about then was when her short demin was ridin high above her hips and her tube top sunk well below her belly buttom. Things were flopping right out in the open air.
The chicks start laughin and filmin, filmin and laughin. After a couple minutes of this action, the filmer says to flimee, "hey, how about from the doggy style angle"
"YES! YES! YES!", I exclaim like some exuberant depraved maniac, "that's what we need, then maybe the both of you jump in and I film the both of you".
Hahahah. Stupid!
Thankfully, before I completely forgot about everything and ran to nearest jiggle joint and called it a day, they got up and moved along so I could continue in my mundane delivery run. I didn't want to stop the nudie-fest by breakin out the perve cam, so I didn't take any pics. But the above drawing should give you some idea. I completely failed there. But in the future, when this situation arises again, I'll know exactly what to do. You can count on me.


  1. Yeah no shit. This story should have been 10 times better...WITH pics and/or vid. As far as I'm should still be there now, posting regular entries.

    Very disappointed in you.

  2. WTF? I didn't see any of that. I don't work far away. In fact, I could have looked out the window of my job and seen all of that transpiring. My boss would have loved it. (Perve!!) I just would have laughed at you and your exploits in the sexy van.

  3. Sista...It was super stealth, so nobody but the shop dudes saand I witnessed. I was like a deer in headlights, uttering stupid comments, perving hard and laughin at the ridiculousness. It was all goiong down on Washington Ave in Venice, not The Valley.

  4. Ha ha. My job is right next door to Rider Shack. That's cool for me. I strolled over there the other day for . . . Sex Wax!

  5. After all that went down, the "Sex Wax" van turned into the "sex whacks" van.

    Get it? Because Jeff was in there beating off!

  6. Didn't you leave your dolly here that day? :o)