Saturday, August 7, 2010

Option B

The other flick I've been wanting to make is called FUCK YES, MOTHERFUCKERS. In this action packed saga, our hero once again spends October and November slashing Bali's waves and getting his mind mellowed. He never once get slammed into the razor sharp reefs and gets pitted so pitted constantly. Then, refreshed and ready to kick ass, he returns home to Santa Barbara and buys a local neighborhood bar/restaurant. His energy and futuristic ideas turn it into the hub of radness. Killer food and good times were had by all. And he's finally afforded the freedom to run his own life and spend his days draped in sweaty spandex, surfing, or shredding the gnar.


  1. loaned the van out for bro's 40th Orcas celeb. so this wknd warrior episode includes a pet friendly room with sketchy king bed, crappy cable, and a cool gray rainy view of nothing here at the Chateu. Stay tuned, somethings gotta get better... forecasting offshore and clean peelers at dawn.

    oh and btw... put it together--I'll show up for some free drinks and tacos at El'Jeffe's Beach Road Haus--we'll kill any potential profits in record time.

  2. your van will be returned with all kinds of man fluids. bad move. old people suck.