Friday, August 6, 2010

Sabbatical, no?

collarbone looks like a boomerang

I've always wanted to make a stupid little adventure style movie. The story begins with a handsome, muscular, wax salesman who has incredible hair and constantly smashes broads. He seemingly has it all...or does he???? After a long summer in California when the fucking sun never shines and the surf stays crappy and cold....he gets a vision. A wise future is told to him while enjoying one of Burger King's incredible new A-1 Steakhouse burgers in Clairemont. He's turning 40 and needs to flip this shit around a bit. So he clearly sees the correct path.....he is is supposed to quit the job asap and spend October & November surfing his balls off in Bali and get a little fucking Hindu inside the mind. When his visa runs out and he's had his fill of surf, he comes back to civilization, and puts all of his shit in his friends barn except for his cold weather gear. He could pack up his Subalezmobile with everything he needs for a winter of shred in Sun Valley, Idaho. That is where he spends 5 months slashing Mt Baldy by day and is the bartender to the stars every night. In between it's filled with romance, guns, fire, figuring out life, and a lottery win. Your dreams become reality while on...................................SABBATICAL!
Or something like that.


  1. Bali and a NW la nina happy ending, sounds like a blockbuster to me...

  2. seriously need to take up heroine. It will be easier than the way you constantly torture yourself with this crap that you will no doubt not follow thru with. Do it. No, don't be a pussy and smoke it first. Get a needle and fucking go for it.

  3. Yeah Man, yeah... from here on out it's either a glorious heroine addiction OR:

    1. Find a desperate SB cougar and get married
    2. Move to central CA (or back to ID), score a mortgage
    3. Crank out a couple kids
    4. Keep the grind going in an even worse job selling something people don't need
    5. Continue the rage along with the voices in your head; get abusive on your FAM 'cause you gave up chasing the dream
    6. Let it keep letting it hit you upside the head, knowing you'll just keep working doing shiz you hate, for a very long time

    Option C: keep flowing through the b.s., find your own path, zen out, surfIT, easy-style like no other (keep posting rage though, even wear spandex if you have to)... and enjoy it for what it is.

    ~~~~~~~gonads and strife shall pass on~~~~~~~

  4. if only i could get "laid off", collect unemployment for 99 weeks, file weekly unemployment forms via interwebs in the tropics, and find a roommate who will deposit my checks.