Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Surf, sleep, grow beard

The gameplan is coming together and is pretty much finalized. It goes a little sumpin like this:

-Move out of condo on September 30th.
-Very last day of Sex Waxing is no later than October 1.
-Pack up 3 surfboards, 2 leashes, 3 board shorts, iPod, and road porn.
-Store all my other shit and Subaru in friends barn.
-Fly to Bali October 2-27(if released from Sex Wax early, I fly out sooner and max out the sloth).
-Slash waves, surf balls off, and grow beard.
-Come back to Santa Barbara and trade out gear.
-Fire up the Subaru, load up snowboard, and all my winter shit.
-Drive fast as fuck towards my new home in Sun Valley Idaho on October 28th or 29th.
-Arrive in time to get shitfaced on Halloween, and practice my tackle and tickle technique.
-Wake up hungover as hell with sharpie penis drawings all over my face.
-Start work around November 1st.
-Shred much gnar and stop giving a fuck.


  1. what are you saying... you are currently givng a fuck? sorry, i hadn't noticed... : )

  2. fuck.
    awesome man...

  3. mitigating_factor: sun valley.

    I can't get over that part holmz...shred the "gnar?"

    That said, lemme know what surf stuff you'd like to trade/donate to a Ventura area house, and what you're trading for AKA for what you're trading.

  4. Yeah I got snow gear to trade for surf gear, ha!

  5. Some surf gear heads to SV for emergenecy purposes.

    Yah, I get it already, SV ain't no X-Gaymes Extreme Shaun White sponsored by Red Bull. Fuck off. I'm stoked on the lifestyle there, have a killer job, and a shitton of good friends. So fuck it. Who am I kidding with my skills anyway?

    Yes, I do give a fuck about everything I do. That's my problem.

  6. surf, sleep, grow beard, and sauce, pull stick, eat, tick and tackle.

    Fyi- I rented a cabana on the beach in dreamland that was a 3 bedroom that cost like 10 bucks a night per person, it was pretty epic and you'll be in the area.

  7. jeff malloy. the bearded recluse.

  8. "Wake up hungover as hell with sharpie penis drawings all over my face"... my guess is that those will be real penis snail marks and not sharpie drawings

  9. "Yes, I do give a fuck about everything I do. That's my __most valuable asset__ ." - Dr. BrnRclse

  10. i read this here blog off a link from the double b blogging page..... ya know... need cube distraction and shit... it's a good blog.... finally see someone angrier than me :) good job... keep on telling people to fuck off and i shall read it.

  11. I'm a little bit jealous. Sounds like a helluv a plan...and besides, beards are the new mustaches.