Tuesday, August 17, 2010


As I get ready to make some life changes and possibly moving to a landlocked location, I decided to shape another board. I figure this is my best chance to shape somehting that actually works well. And it's just another thing to strap to the U-Haul. It would be really cool to make some legit turns on one of my own creations. I just might have done it this time. Ryan lent me his shaping room and I lent him some foam dust. The new Holy Grail is roughly 6'2" x 21 x 2 3/4. On my first 3 boards, I left the deck a little too think and the shit doesn't get on rail. It rides really flat, but fun enough. This time I thinned them shits out and should work better for leg snapping gouges. Now I just need to work on the tail, which I'm not totally stoked on right now. It's kind of a lumpy rounded square that I'm gonna slowly, passionately transition into a nice beautiful round with some 280 grit. Swell coming soon.

On an unrelated note, The Champ stopped by the office yesterday and I gave him pointers on how to surf Teahupoo. Good luck pal. Back in '05 he pulled off one of my favorite waves ever. Air drop, side slipped, lay back, grab rail deep pitted his way to the WIN.

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