Tuesday, July 13, 2010

2 months

Fucking desk jobs...don't ever get one. They are the worst. Sure, steady cheese and a future is nice, but it sucks your soul dry, like a mudguppy in a desert. One of the few enjoyable things to look forward to is WCT webcasts. Pro jocks, slashing waves and getting pitted so pitted at epic locations. All delivered to my desk throught the magic of the intenet, glowing a foot from my face. Warming my innerds. Filling me with joy. Making me whole again. Fantasy Surfer makes it even better. We've had 2 long months between the last contest and this one, and I'm fired up. Nap time is over, let's get it on. J-Bay starts thursday and 8 foot swell is predicted. My team is set to dominate...Kelly(the Champ), Mick(fastest surfer alive), Jordy(strong as an Ox), Dane(world's most exciting surfer), Andy(if he can keep off the Colmbian Marching Powder), Dusty(Hawaiian), Simpo(dark horse), and Sean Holmes(local boy). Don't go cheatin and copy my team.


  1. Simpo will bring down your whole team. you suck at Fantasy Surfer.

  2. After the last contest where I was out of town and didn't have a complete team, I'm sitting #352 outta 14,851 active players, playa. So I've got THAT going for me. Suck it!

  3. where is the sign up? I'd like to win, knowing next to nothing about surfing. That's how these things always work: superfantasizers get too deep, over-analyzing, while noobz roll in and just pick em and win.