Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Epic tube time yesterday. Spent a few hours on a gloomy day-off shredding a right point break between Santa Barbara and Ventura with basically a peak and a reeling sandbar all to myself. Logged some time in the green room, which is rare for me, and took lots of beatings, too. The bottom dropped out a few times at some critical junctures and I got drilled into the sand. Stoked on my self-shaped board fitting into pockets after late, grab rail drops. Foamballs make you go faster.

On a side note...I need to $ell an Audi Convertible for a buddy and makes some cheese. Who needs a nice new/used rig? The thing is well cared for and in great shape for $14K. It's perfect for a divorcee, hot chick, mid-life crisis victim, or homo dude. Tonto...you listening?


  1. oh my...

    even spandex cyclists get tubed + this car = SMASHING.

  2. Will you throw in a bare of Bibs?

  3. Um, what Fah Fah Fooey? Slow down when you type. Focus. Don't let the Quad Starbucks overpower you.

  4. convertible'd be sick to feel the wind through my pubes...

    trade for pills?

  5. You show me $14,000 worth of little oval pills, and I'll show you an autographed Audi pink slip. I'm clearing up some space in my bathroom to store them, so I ripped out the shower stall. I'm in tremendous pain brought on by a lifetime of mediocrity.