Tuesday, July 20, 2010

a view from the top

My favorite teriyaki restaurant of all time is Yasuko's in Seattle. Big juicy heaps of succulent pork or chicken over a bed of rice drizzled with sauce along with a small pile of deliciously marinated cabbage to keep the pipes clean. I used to score that shit nightly. I love teriyaki. I also love Guayaki. It's yerba matte. That's tea. It's been helping me avoid napping in the afternoon. Yah sure, it's all hippy with the Fair Trade and Organic marketing scam. But more importantly...it brings on the afternoon sweats cuz it's got a shit ton of caffeine. Make it part of your training table. It's the beverage of champions.


  1. dude tell me you're not talmbout Yasuko's next to the 7-eleven in Wesseakkle bro srsly...hopefully there's another Yasuko's or I read it wrong or something...

    I think I tried yerba mate once: is that the tea made from dirt?

    I'm totally not feeling da brown recluseblogg today wtf

    gross ass food wtf

    srslywtf gross

  2. I'd drink cat piss if it had some caffeine.