Friday, July 2, 2010

Clown gear

Since I've been cycling a bit more these days, I'm in need of new gear. My circa 2001 things are wearing thin, I ain't gettin the needed support, and stuff's about to flop out. It's been a long time since I've been in the market for cycling shorts. Back in the day, we were gay enough because we rode in spandex shorts. Shaved legs and tights were bad enough. Now they've completely emasculated us and stripped us of every last shred of dignity by making it acceptable for dudes to wear bibs. Strapy meshy suspenders and all. Next thing you know we'll be wearing Aerodynamic Racing Manzeers and Bros. As I investigate purchasing $200 new shorts, it's become apparent that if you're a serious roadie you're now expected to rock the bibs. Like it's cool and shit. Fuck that. I'm staying old school. Spandex short shorts for life, BITCHES!


  1. bibs are to shorts what shorts are to cutoff jeans.

    ...or so I've been told.

    the homies even wear them under their shants and weird freeridey mtb shirts. I can't afford them, and you'll see me in cotton some days, so I'm staying shorts too...until I can get some free, that is.

  2. Cotton+fatso+miles=sweat=chafe...chafe not good...I'm anti-chafe.

  3. I only have one ss and two ls mtb shirts, so I roll cotton sometimes...up top. I have two chamois shorts that are the real limiting factor... I can put them under any sort of shorts.

    this is the wackest comment I've ever made. Congrats.

  4. apparently homo cyclists get barrels, right and left... way to go. Claim that Shiz.

    way to go, one more time.


  5. the suspenders hike the packy up there nicely to better accuntuate.... i just threw up in my mouth a little