Thursday, July 1, 2010

History of paraffin

-Dinosaurs frolick and hump.
-More dinosaurs humping.
-Dirty humping dinosaurs get crushed by meteor.
-Dinosaurs turn into oil.
-Oil sucked out of ground by Arabs, Venezuelans, and Sarah Palin.
-Oil magically turns into paraffin.
-Paraffin mixed with top secret goo to create Worlds #1 Greatest surf wax in 1972.
-Surf Wax retails for $1 in 1990.
-Surf Wax still retails $1 in 2010.
-Surf Wax Coporate Desk Monkey gets phonecalls all day long from surf shops complaining that rise in wax wholesale prices will drastically cut into Tavarua trip funds because said shops can't charge more for wax for fear of another great surfer revolt like in 1986.
-SWCDM epathizes and consoles, but would like to tell people to grow a pair.
-SWCDM needs surf trip again or might lose mind.
-Waves coming


  1. I'd gladly pay more than $1 for wax. I hate a dirty wax job, or too much of it. I'm kinda a bitch about it I guess.

  2. f yeah waves coming... enjoy that on a holiday wkend.
    hope they hit the NW correct.

  3. LaPush push in da bush, NW peeps. Blow up some Indian fireworks over the holday weekend would ya.

  4. La Push is blown out on the 4th weekend, to many yahoos.