Friday, October 16, 2009

attitude adjustment

Seems like everybody's freaking out these days. Besides hearing myself bitch and moan over the last few weeks, I have tons of friends who seem to be going through similar, random life crisises. Everything is going to shit out there, man. People don't have jobs, some have jobs that are retarded, some are questioning their sanity, some have relationship drama. It's a weird time we live in. The stock market is about to burst again. Coloradical kids are dropping out of the sky from homemade Hindenbergs. So to brighten everybody's day, I'm giving my buddy Tonto, and you, this link to the Nuts Magazine's 50 Big Boob Celebrity Countdown. It took my mind off The End of World for a while.

My method went like this:
-a real quick glance over all of them
-pick out some favs and study them
-then scour for any recognizable names
-look for an semi recognizable names
-dig deeper and concentrate on the real nice pairs
-then hunker down and slowly go through #1
-#3 etc
-regroup, get a drink of water, and start again at the top
-use shoulder to block so your stupid cubicle neighbor doesn't bother you

And here's that sneezing Panda shit. So funny.

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