Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I've selected the theme song and title for my upcoming, undetermined, unbegun, underfunded, adventure film...Freedom Run. FREEDOM RUN. Let it sink in and feel the good times. Then clean yourself up and look alive. It's the centuries old struggle of good against evil. A young, Adonis-like man, casting away the suffocating shackles of an evil boss, an unjust society, and the unstoppable need to escape the mundane. He loads up the Suburban with Ibuprofen, wax, a 6'0" fish, 6'4" stubbie, 6'5" single fin, and many other boards for a balls-to-the-wall shredfest of epic proportions. It's the richeous man giving the finger to the evil forces from the Empirical Zog Industries and Dell Inc. Suck it, 9-5 bitches! The tale begins with slavery and ends with the sweet freedom of heaving, left hand, tropical pointbreaks and naked fat chicks. May da Schwartz be with him.

Motherfucking Kyuss to the rescue.
Life begins at 2:10....


  1. thats a good song for your G-Land section in my next movie

  2. That's the idea Bogus. You get the funding and I'm there. Byb's, we'll need a capable vehicle. You work on that and let me know when it's ready.