Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Second mid life crisis coming soon

Who wants to start a business, any business? I don't really care what kind of biz. But...
Let's not WANT to sit at a desk to avoid going home.
Let's not take "NO" for an answer.
Let's never play golf....EVER.
Let's not do shit half assed.
Let's not be lazy pieces of shit.
Let's not rely on happy hour, drowning in shitty well vodkas.
Let's keep an open mind about everything except tite pants.
Let's do things cuz it's the best.
Let's always seek inspiration (kinda gay, I know, fuck off).
Let's create cool shit.
Let's take vacations to keep the stoke level max'd out.
Let's head to the mountains, drink crappy beer, and burn shit.
Let's get mid-day barrels and fresh pow.
Let's never stop learning.
Let's always be fresh.
Let's seamlessly blend work/play/life.
Let's make some dough and live an incredible life.
Let's always have fun.


  1. i was SO in, until the 'no tite pants' thing. bummer man. coulda been epic.

  2. Hah, Tightner. How grossed out were those chicks when I was talkin about my Ebola Virus at your cubicle?

  3. as the menace would say, "Let's PARTY"

  4. If you do and can start such a business, count me in!! I've never stayed at a job more than two years . . . ever. It sounds like your idea for a company is one I could live with.

  5. I have no money, skills, or experience. Count me in.

  6. I like your style, A Man...you'll be working in the warehouse. Probably fucking things up, but that's aight.