Thursday, October 15, 2009

Electromagnetic Pulse

Somebody must've sabotaged my current place of employment with an EMP. Servers exploded. UPS scale broken. Internets crapped out. Porn supply cut off. At one point this week we went a couple days with just Free Cell and Solitaire. We still didn't have to actually comunicate to each other. But the ying to this yang is that we've got poopy-brown head-high waves kickin ass right now. While this technological shitstorm was going off today, I took a much needed constitution down to El Rincon. I felt the need to paddle out and infect the lineup with The Staph. the mid-day shred fest was on my self-shaped 6'4" stumpy little diamond tail. Good times out there, mang. I got back to the orifice and switched from singlefin to a 2+1 setup for the after work decompression in the Montecito zip code. See you fags out there.

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