Thursday, October 29, 2009

Peak Season Part 2-BAF Strikes Back

The trailer for Canadian eXtreme Reality MTV show, Peak Season has been all over the webs. And I'm fascinated by it. The idea is solid...get a bunch of drunken, whoring, fighting, snowshreddars and film their lives. So simple yet so incredible. But before they could do that, MTV Canada went on a coke binge and had sex with Laguna Beach, The Hills, Fall Out Boy, Von Dutch and Christian Audiger. What got crapped out is the shittiest look at snowboarding since Neff and Lucas Magoon. The midwest will love this shit.

I ran across this video below on Board As Fuck blog, which is from a bunch of pro-shreds where mostly they take turns calling each other homos. It's great. Looks like their reality crossed paths with the fake reality. I guess you're not supposed to speak when reality is being filmed.


  1. mitigating_factor: orange man murked em.

  2. Yah, I wish BAF woulda pushed him a little more. Orange Bro needed a pummeling.