Saturday, June 26, 2010

Dia de trabajo

As GW would say..."mission accomplished". A job, TRUELY, well done. Every task on my list from yesterday was completed. And at nearly the exact time I had predicted. But I forgot to include several things such as sweat like a whore in church, hunker down in LA traffic, use offramps and onramps as passing lanes, eat at Quiznos, make good coinage, sweat even more heavily, and see my roommate naked. All in all, pretty amazing day with a huge list of accomplishments. Didn't surf, though. There was way too much texture on the ocean and I didn't see waves anywhere. Looked like that Hurricane Cecelia was pushing some weirdness our way. Maybe tomorrow. Woulda been a lot cooler if I did have a chance to play in the waves all day. Like the hippies in the video below. It's some old Super 8 video from the way back. I was pumped on the wave at 5:20. It's so cool that dudes took the time to drag a ricket old camera down to the beach and document their bros riding waves in the olden days. Apparently, when filming during 1975-1980, keeping the horizon level wasn't important. Probably everybody was too stoned to bajesus to even care, man.

Surfing in Santa Barbara, ~1975-1980 from Will Etling on Vimeo.


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