Sunday, June 20, 2010

ISD 2010

International Day To Get Your Fucking Surf On 2010 was today. I was unstoppable and slashed from 9am-8pm, only breaking for water and sustenance once. Nah, just kidding. This morning I went on a hilly, 50 mile bike ride and forgot to eat much food before I left. The spandexing went great, I climbed like a waterbuffalo. But I ran out of fuel shortly after finishing. So I rushed to Little Alex's and stuffed a quesadilla in the pie hole, and cruized to my favorite little surf spot. Got a couple hours of fun, windswell waves, but I was completely fucking out of my mind. My glycogen level was all jacked up or something. I had to pull up some sand and take a sloth for a while, but It didn't work very well. My rally was unsuccessful and I went home to watch an evening movie. But at least I got a little surf on ISD.


  1. picked up a case of the ISD... tasty!

    way to go El J (minus the spandex)