Friday, June 18, 2010

glory days

Today's post is dedicated to The Boss and especially A-Man, who asked for a peek of my screensaver which was slightly visable yesterday. It's a vintage snapshot of my shredtastic life circa 1996. That's my original 1986 4x4 Starcruizer parked outside my home in Ketchum, Idaho. There was a couple years in the mid 90's where I couldn't figure out what board to ride. I wasn't really stoked on anything after my Joyride Carwash, so there's probably a Burton Custom or some Salomon Piece of Shit laying around inside. I rode Customs for a few years out of default. I can fucking guarantee there's some Northwave Apollo boots drying off inside the house. Those were the best boots I ever owned. From the amount of snow on the roof of the house and rig, I'd bet it was around Christmas. Looks like winter is really beginning. I think that was the year we had something like 30 badass powder days before Christmas and were kind of sick of shoveling snow. That's a good problem. The house was called The Pink House because the entry, living room, and kitchen were painted pink by some previous tenents. It was like living inside a giant vajay jay. I loved that house. The only reason I moved out was because I left town at the end of the winter to move back to the big city. But I couldn't handle it and was back in Idaho just in time for shred season in the fall.


  1. sick...Pink Houses for you and me (but that's jeans overload--boss AND jcm).

    I will run it for three days as tribute:

  2. 3 days of mourning my glory days? Thanks for the Solidarity bro. Your tribute will be like Tenacious D's Tribute to the greatest song in the world.

  3. I gave that record to a dude recently for his birsday. He was superstoked. 2LP, first edition with the chained babies pic on the back. I listened to it once through. Jokey songs are a hard one for or two is okay, but as yer whole schtick?--Weird Al time...except Weird Al had UHF and other shit which actually makes him bomb... howabout that SNL silly songs shit; that's a better example.

    But yes I will keep it up until tomorrow. The homey had one of those terrorist vans too, it was pretty bad azz...