Saturday, June 19, 2010

mystery fart

Found some mystery neighborhood painting down at the beach today. It was attached to some useless 4x4 sticking outta the ground. This is at least the second time this week that I've run across some random, guerilla style shit. I can't remember where the other one was located, but it was some painting nailed to the bottom of some STOP sign. Santa Barbara needs more funk. Good stuff.

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  1. Just talked with my pops (Father's Day - related). He rode his/my new/old Schwinn into town for his newspaper this morning (that's his steez). Rolling back past a coffeeshop, he saw a crew of roadies meeting up for a ride out front. He said he swooped right up to a stop in front of them all radstyle and announced, "I'm Mike. Where we headed?" Old man on a Schwinn Speedster, surely in his fisherman hat, newspaper clamped to his rear rack... He said at least four squid nerds balked at a reply, trying to figure out what to say to this old man on this heavy bike, until finally a chick barked back, "Carpenteria--YOU READY???"

    That was the correct answer. My dad shook his head at the chump dudes who didn't know how to chop it up, said something like "stick with this one--she knows what's up," and headed back down to the beach. He he wondered how on Earth he could still be cooler than these dudes... Chalked it up to "it's still Ventura, I guess..."

    Up yer games, SoCalians! Seattle hasn't hit 75 degrees in 2010 yet. Think on that. Marinate. Yeah. Don't know how good you got it.