Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Brown Pride

The one that got away. That's what I think of when I think of the original Brown Recluse. It's also known as Little Debbie becuase it looked like a pice of chocolate cake. And it was called The RV...The Rapists Vehicle cuz it looked creepy. It was like sleeping in a little craftsman home with it's wood cabinets, cupboards, and fold out bed. There was a kick ass propane heater that kept it roasting even if it was stormin normin outside. It got decent mileage and had all the power I needed. After throwing a bunch of money at her, and leaving her parked in Porkland for my 3 month sabbatical in Costa Rica, and driving her down to Santa Barbara, and many warm, toasty nights camping in her, I sold out in 2005. I never should have done it. Some military dude from Vandenberg came down with his girl to check it out. After he took it for a drive, I could tell he was gonna buy it because he had that smile on his face and was laughing. The same thing I did when I bought it. I bought a stupid Denali to replace it. Then a stupider Vanagon. Thankfully I'm at the helm of the Starcruizer now.

Check out that scoop vent up top!

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