Saturday, January 24, 2009

New 9 iron

I just got home from watching the Affliction fights live from Anaheim. Fedor Emelianenko is the baddest mother fucker on the plant. Andrei Orlavski went for a flying knee but Fedor caught him with a one-punch-knockout right cross in mid air. Dude fell flat on his face, KO'd. You owe it to yourself to find it on youtube if you missed it.

Oh, and I picked up my bitchin new shred stick today from Point Concept Surfboards. Test ride hopefully tomorrow if I can find some fins. Might have to give it a go as a single fin for now. Today was so much fun. I cruized on down to my local point/reef break here in Montecito with my 7'0" single fin for a mid day sesh. It got really zippy once the tide dropped and the rocky reef started showing. A couple snaps and made some really fun sections. And there was some power behind em. Mostly head high with a few bigger sets sending people scratching. The weather was less like California and more like surfing in Washington. Gloomy, cold air, chilly water, rain showers, and just raw nature shit. Hood, gloves, and booty weather. I had no hood, gloves, or booties. Hands clawed up real good. The walk back home was frigid. It's good to feel alive.

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  1. nice lookin' ride bro, can't wait to hear stories of glory once it's in action. good to know someone's been out there "snappin"

    and for the record, WA water temp Fri and Sat hovered around 44.6f, highs in the mid 30's, and frost on the sand. no reef, no point, and almost always scratchin'.

    par for the course

    rode chairlifts and snowoboards today