Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Even with the shitty economy, unemployement sounds awesome right now after all these killer waves that are pummeling Santa Barbara. I've been gettin some really fun surf, but not nearly enough. Just some mini sesh's. On sunday I raced from the airport and caught a few. On monday, my co-workers told me to leave the office cuz I was whining too much about how great the surf looks. The plan worked and I got some Hammonds with about 40 other dudes. And a little dawn patrol. But not much good, solid beach time. I've been busy as fuck with work and I just can't break away. And it's only gonna get busier for another week and a half. Then it's game on and I can slack for a few months. I hope I make it.

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  1. pulled trigger for ZIH April '09... stop whining, and get to work.