Saturday, January 10, 2009

The freak foam flyin

Ryan's outline

Mow job

Let there be wings

The Weirdness

Man there's a lot of freaky shapin going down at Ryan Lovelace's highly-organized Point Concept Surfboards. Weird boards stacked everywhere. Hullish fish, fishy hulls, twinnies, convexing concaves, Simmon's thingamajigs, and corky hully things to name a few. So who better to make my new shred stick. I gave a couple ideas, but pretty much put it in Ryan's hands. What we ended up with is a 6'4" double winged, 2+1 squash tail. I stood around on cold cement and snapped some pics of the process and the bros hangin. I then went to Rincon and had the worst surf in recorded history. Even fat little retarded kids were surfing better than me. Some ying for my saturday yang, I guess.

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  1. be careful 'round that place! lotsa hipsters and weird shapes...