Sunday, January 11, 2009

Quinn Airlines

After my shitty surfing yesterday, I don't deserve to be anywhere near waves today. Man, I sucked beyond belief yesterday. It was one of those surfs that just stings, and I've been questioning myself all day. Good thing I had a fun little side gig lined up for today. My mission was to trade out my 87 Toyota Starcruizer for 2008 Bentley Continental GT convertible and deliver it to Palm Desert with a trunk full of about 20 kilos of coke. No questions asked! Just kidding, there was no coke...just a couple hookers. The thing has 602 twin turbo'ed horses under the hood and a top speed of 203mph. I may or may not have made it well over haf way to its top speed. It feels like you're in a overpowered leather Lazy Boy at warp speed. This is one fine rig that I'd sell in a heartbeat then buy a solid bluewater cruiser, some board shorts, sunscreen, several vicodens, a water tight vicoden container, some back up vicoden, a floppy hat, and a map to Indo. But I'm getting ahead of myself because I can't buy the wiper blades on this UberBentley unless I win the lottery. Oh, after I dropped off the car, I bronzed for while then piled into Quinn Air for a quick private flight home. All in a day's work, I guess.

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  1. yeah bud... let's charter that bitch to Mex. i don't care, the Bently, or the Quinn Air... either would be a big pimpin adventure.