Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Free Culture Arts in SB

I recently found this little group of musicians and artists that perform regularly around Santa Barbara. My life is better when I'm surrounded by artistic, creative people. Hopefully some of it will brush off on me. Plus I have a dream where local movie makers (except for that douchbag Alexi) can get together on a regular basis and show whatever they're working on. Like a real world You Tube. Everybody has Final Cut Pro or at least iMovie these days. And everybody makes little flicks. I love watching them, especially surf travel ones. And I think it would be great to tap a bottle of wine, hang out with friends, and beam them onto a wall instead of a cuntputer screen. After I left the Emegrency Room last sunday, I went briefly Free Culture Art's music showcase at the Live Culture Lounge in De Le Guerra Plaza. Seemed like about a dozen local performers playing mellow tunes for the dinner crowd. Weird setup because the stage is up against the 20 foot ceiling looking down on winers and diners. But the tunes were solid with lots of good coffeehouse music that reminds me alot of Jeff Buckley's Live At Sin-e. Maybe only because it was in a similar setting with guitars. Anyway, it was fun, but my leg was killing me so I took off early. There's also an open mic might on thursdays at the SB Roasting Company. I'll be checking that out soon. Maybe I'll see you there.

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