Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Labor Day

This is going down as my Worst Labor Day Weekend ever. I've managed a couple painful bike rides. My legs felt great, but my lungs burned. Not the good kind of pain either. It was my body telling me I should be laying around ridding itself of germs and infection. I'm a petri dish. Besides the rides, I lay around in a bit of pain. I managed to drag myself off my death bed briefly last night, but had to cut the night short when the blood was oozing through the jeans. Kinda gross. Tomorrow I get to pull out the stopper in my knee so it can heal up. I guess this weekend's been payback for such and awesome last weekend. Rincon may have given me this, but I don't hate her. It won't be much longer till the winter swells start rolling in. Ying to the yang, sucka.

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