Thursday, September 24, 2009

Large Beef N' Cheddar

At lunchtime I swung by Jeff Hull's place to get my new board all glassed up in under a week. Which gave me the opportunity to drop by Arby's Health Foods. I picked out a delicious Large Beef N' Cheddar combo pack. Looks like it's 660 calories made up of 36 grams of fat and 43 grams of protein. Not bad, pretty good. The curly fries didn't survive long enough to snap a pic. I was so excited and had so much cheese and beef on me that I could barely hold the camera AND the sando. Our team manager thought I was weird to take pics of my food. What the fuck does he know?


  1. the mad cow and e.coli should work nicely with the mrsa on the outside to turn you into a pile of goo before you ever have to climb that freedom hill

    ...the lengths some people go...

  2. if you do go by the wayside, i'll take that freshly glassed shred stick of your list of assets.

    last night's late night snack

  3. The Dream died after the first round of antibiotics didn't take hold. No Gibralter Hill Climb in 2009. It's officially canceled till 2010. I need to make up lost Surftime instead of lost Spandextime.

  4. that sando looks incredi.