Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Staph overload

Just got back from the doc and it turns out I'm infected with The MRSA instead of The HIV. You can't get The HIV from The Hand. I'm nearly cured though. Just another 10 days of antibiotics. If we get some waves I'm very close to being able to surf again. Now that I'm able to be out in society again, hopefully this is my last post about staphylyccocis.


  1. HR just sent an email regarding our Pandemic Planning Team... gues I should read it and find out what they're planning.

  2. I also recently asked an HR dude what they had planned at my spot...he looked confused, and a little embarrassed. The next day there were stock "how to cough into your elbow" flyers posted on the bathroom stall doors.

    we're safe.