Monday, September 14, 2009


Back in June, I made the call that Ted Kennedy or Swayze would be leaving god's green earth soon to complete the trifecta of dieing. But I was wrong. It took an extra month or two. Swayze is gone. Too bad it wasn't Kanye.

My favorite Swayze movie was Red Dawn. The first PG-13 movie ever. I saw it in the theater cuz I was old enough. They had to create a whole new rating system for Patrick Swayze because he was so infuckingcredible. But for PG-13 you think they coulda at least given us a boob shot of Jennifer Grey. Sneak it in there somewhere. I mean, she was naughty librarian hot until she fixed up her beak. After the Russian/Cuban/Mexican invasion of Coloradical, didn't they need to repopulate at some point? That's the only thing that woulda made it better. Today, I spill a little deer blood for you, Swayze.


  1. red dawn is dang legit, i've seen it on AMC maybe 12 times now. so important question... who's next?

  2. Point Break beat out the Red Dawn/Road House deadlock, for me...that is, until I seen Swayze in Donnie Darko.

    Smokin in heaven, to be sure...

  3. Good question Morgan. I'm thinking it's gonna be a total longshot. Not some sickly old person. Maybe one of the usual trainwrecks like Lyndsey Lohan, Danny Bonaduce, Courtney Love, or Tom Seizmore. Or maybe someone in hip hop. They live real hard, son. We haven't seen one them drop for a while, so maybe we should keep an eye on them. In action sports I would always bet on Travis Pastrana or any of those moto bros.

  4. OOOOHHH, I've got it! Carrot Top is gonna complete this trifect. Shit. He's the one.