Tuesday, September 29, 2009

National Parks kick ass

"I looooove big treeeees" is what some big, smelly hippy yelled behind me across 80,000 people between David Crosby's songs. It was 1992-ish and I was at some free concert along Portland's waterfront Park to save the Spotted Owl's habitat(big trees). I was amazed how quiet it was when Crosby sang Long Time Gone solo. I was there because there was lots of booze and some music by Crosby, Neil Young, and The Heart Sisters. And I was also there because I love big trees. I grew up playing sports and camping, hiking, biking, and skiing. My playground doesn't have a metal fence around it and organized white lines layed out. It doesn't have waxed floors, or nets, or any of that bullshit either. It's about being in the water and mountains. It's about being free to do whatever the fuck I want. There's an awesome Ken Burns show on PBS right now called National Parks, Something Something Something. It started yesterday, and I'm diggin it. Reviews haven't been the best, but what do they know. It's inspiring and reminding me that I've been a city-turd for a while. I need to go camping and burn some things real soon. Plus shred season isn't too far off.


  1. i've passed out in the sloth cradle to this show the last two nights in a row... not bad man

  2. john muir was fully eating shrooms...I didn't know dude was so tweaky.

    show's good, but ken burnsin pretty hard still...not sure I can handle too much more voiceover poems while the camera pans the sepiafotoz...


  3. Yah, lasy night I got a great little surf sesh at Rincon then came home to the Lazy Boy just in time. But the Lazy Boy couldn't cut it, so I retired to the bed. I was so worked it required me to lay flat and put ZERO effort into slothing. I consider the Lazy Boy the JV Team, while the bed is Starting Varsity.