Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Nirvana released the album Bleach in the summer of 1989. Fucken Eh, has it been that long already? Those were good times, mang. No responsibilities, swimming in booze, very little working. To celebrate the 20 anniversary, Sub-Pop is re-releasing Bleach along with a bonus CD from their 1990 gig at the Pine Street Theater in Porkland. I might have been at that show. Somewhere around then, I went to see Mudhoney play and they were the opening act. We'd heard the name around town, but nobody had seen them yet. Obviously, they fucking blew the doors off. I had no idea they'd get bigger than the Pacific Northwest though. I always thought that show was at the Satyricon. My mental picture says Satyricon, but maybe it was the Pine Street. Over the years, the memory has gotten very fuzzy.

Not a song from the album, but great footy from 1990....

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