Friday, November 20, 2009

Rockford Files

I've wanted to live in an Airstream ever since spending 3 weeks in Mexico with one as home base. It was parked 30 feet from the sand. Me and a couple bros would slash some waves all day then come back to the air-conditioned trailer parked in the hot sun. It always looked like a beautiful, cold Silver Bullet blazing away. We'd hop in the pool next door and throw some food in the piehole. Then we'd start the boozin, burnin, and bean bombs. It was great. I may finally get to live the dream again. I'm in home limbo for the month o' December. My buddy offered the use of his pimp ass Airstream again. I may have to park that bitch down at Faria and live like Jim Rockford. This could get really good.


  1. that dugan looks incredible, but I have been 4 months without now, decided to keep it going no matter what, not even after 10 silver bullets.

  2. I'm still a fan of the coffin nails when I'm boozin or in the tropics.