Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Super Shaper

Ryan Lovelace....Who the fuck is that assclown, you ask? I wouldn't be callin him an assclown if I was you because, for starters, he's next in line to fight heavyweight Fedor Emilianenko, he's 10 feet tall, and shoots lightning bolts out his arse. No, no, no. Not really, I lied. He's a mellow, artsy, guitar pickin surfboard shaper here in Santa Barbara who enjoys drawing dragons and taking short, strenuous walks to Starbucks with his faithful showdog, Herbie. He hails from the great state of Warshington which I hear has absolutely no surf anymore. Dude's been creating some great stuff and I keep seein more and more rippers on his Point Concept surfboards. Check out Morgan's Super 8 docuMANtary of his shaping shack shenanigans.

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