Tuesday, July 7, 2009


So much happening on today, I don't know where to focus my attention....

They're stuffing MJ in the ground today. I hope he stays there.

Team Astana won today's team trial so they now have 4 dudes in the Top 10. Team time trials are boring unless it's pouring rain and dudes crash. But whatever. It breaks up the field a bit. Plus, this year the Tour has no time bonues along the way, which means it's clocked on actual time. I'm not completely sure how that will play out in strategies. Hopefully there's some big break aways after this customary first week for the sprinters. Can't wait for the mountains.

Get yer Fantasy Surf Team ready for J-Bay, you losers. It starts in just a couple days. I think I have my team set. Here it is if you want to cheat off the World's Greatest Fantasy Surf Team Manager Ever...Slater, Taj, Martinez, Aritz Aranburu, Jay Bottle Thompson, Tiago Pires, Jordy, & Emslie.


  1. Can anyone even pronounce Tyler Farrar's name? Christ that dudes name is harder to say than half the euro names in the field!!

  2. FA-RARR. Tyler's been groomed to be great. He tore through the Pacific NW cycling scene on his way to Euro Pro Guy status. I met his old man through a cycling buddy about a dozen years ago. Tyler was just starting to kill it, so I've kind of followed his progress ever since. Such a lame deal that his pops is paralized.

  3. I've got my team ready to go. Team From Hell is here to fuck shit up.