Friday, July 24, 2009

miracle on July 24th

Last night while surfing mellow, windy, waist/chest high waves, I clobbered the top of my foot. Not sure how, but that's not important. It was no problemo in the water. Just a little achy. Once I got out though, the pain level rose and made me take notice. Not unmanagable, cuz I don't feel pain like the common folk. But my foot was all jacked up and not working right. I kind of thought something broke down cuz I couldn't move it. It was swollen and starting to bruise so I went to sleep to keep my mind off it. Then I woke up this morning and NOTHING. Not a damm thing. Absolutley no problemo. It's offically a miracle. Or I'm a godamm perfect physical specimen with an incredible rate of recovery.


  1. dude- youre so fucking gay. did you have dick in your ass when all this went down? :D

    p.s. - did hot girl move in or not?!

  2. I fvcking hate you Kyle.

    I guess Hot Chick couldn't handle my hotness and her hotness in such a small, contained area. She probably had to go home and take a cold shower. So we got Party Girl to move in instead.

    PS...what the fvck does ":D" mean? It's very homo whatever it is.

  3. its a big happy face- bigger than :) open mouth style, like- how you give know?