Sunday, July 12, 2009

cycling is dope

After a rad day of biking and surfing I'm slothing. Slothing AND watching the climb up the Col de Tourmalot. I got thinking again....How many proven dopers were in Top 10 of the 7 Tours de France that Drug Free Lance Armstrong won? So I did a homework via wikipedia, see below. I may have missed a couple druggies. Most years it was half the Top 10. The best year for drugs was 2005. 7 of the top 10 in the Tour de France were confirmed drug users. That's the world's greatest bike races and 70% of the best 10 are cheats. Aren't drugs supposed to make you super human? I guess not. Drug Free Lance destroyed them all.

Also, if Lance doesn't test positive (and we all know he will never test positive cuz he's ahead of the testing program) I'm now placing my money on Lance to win this years Tour. That's right, after all my skepticism, I'm on board. Astana is strong. I think Alberto Contador is creating a distraction. Lance is pulling a Slater and keeping everybody guessing. Lance is faking weakness but he looks strong and confident (Art of War shit). I think he's saving his power for the Alps. And he's psyching out all the other dudes with his talk about Mt Ventoux on stage 20. WHAT? A big fucking legendary mountain climb that everybody in contention needs to have the power to climb 2 days before Paris? After 19 days of racing? OOOOOOOOoooooo.

1999-Alex Zulle, Laurent DeFaux,Richard Virenque
*tyler hamilton and frankie andreu were teammates and later proven to have doped.

2000-Jan Ullrich,Christophe Moreau,Roberto Heras, Virenque

2001-Jan Ullrich, Igor Gonzalez de Galeano*(only sanctioned in France), Oscar Sevilla, Santiago Botero

2002-Raimondas Rumsas, Santiago Botero, Igor Gonzalez de Galeano, Francisco Mancebo, Roberto Heras

2003-Jan Ullrich, Alexander Vinikourov, Tyler Hamilton, Ivan Basso, Christophe Moreau, Francisco Mancebo

2004-Andreas Kloden, Ivan Basso, Jan Ullrich, Francisco Mancebo, Oscar Pereiro

2005-Ivan Basso, Jan Ullrich, Francisco Mancebo, Alexander Vinokourov, Michael Rasmussen, Floyd Landis, Oscar Pereiro

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