Monday, July 6, 2009

Drugs are bad?

Call me a spandex wearing fag, but I watch bike racing. I don't have the time to ride as many miles like the old days, but I'm still a big fan of racing. The speed, danger, tactics, and shear pain is absolutely amazing. Nobody in professional sports has a higher pain threshold. Nope, not even teeny little triathletes. These biker dudes are hauling ass, using the draft to cruize along at around 40mph in the final miles. Their legs burning, full of lactic acid. Then they shift gears, kick it up a notch, and step on it, pushing big fucking gears into the final sprints. Elbows knocking and shoulders bashing each other they fight all the way to the line. If you go down at that speed, you're fucked. Things break and you lose skin. The acids make your quads feel like molten barbed wire is running through them, but you've gotta power through the pain. After a big spaghetti dinner and sleep, it's time to get up and race up a 10,000 foot mountain after 116 miles of racing. And then again for something like 21 total stages. And don't even get me started on the time trial days. Good times. There's nothing bigger for me than the month of July and the Tour De France. This year it takes a clockwise rotation around France for roughly 2000 miles. If you only know the sport from the nightly news, you've only heard of Lance Armstrong. He probably ain't gonna win this thing, but he's gonna shake things up alot. His team, Astana is loaded with talent like Contador, Leipheimer, Kloden, and Popovych. With that stacked of a team, who knows. Maybe a 37 year old cancer guy CAN win this thing.

*Lance got fined $92 today for not signing in before the race. OOOOoooooo, so scary. $92 dollars. Give me a fucking break, he used more in drugs today.


  1. Why don't you go shave your legs or something

  2. Its going to be fun to watch this tour for sure! They all dope, just like everyone in the NFL does steroids. That doesnt mean the action is any worse for it.

  3. Drugs are bad...mmmkay?


  4. Exactly Forrest. It's proven that nobody can stop doping in cycling, so just enjoy it for what it is. I say, let them use EVERY drug and make it a level field. It might be amazing to see some dude keel over with a heart attack on top of the Galibier or as he crosses the line in a 65-man all-out-sprint. I find it amusing that Clean Armstrong FUCKING DESTROYED all of the convicted cycling dopers over the last 20 years. Truly super human or Greatest Liar Ever?

  5. Oh yeah, they all dope. One of the reasons I stopped racing is because they were doping in the amateur ranks. WTF? It wasn't the Olympics or the Tour, just some stupid little crits. Fuck that. I don't want to look, sound or be a man just to win a bike race.

    You think Lance was clean? Ever? I don't. But I do believe that the doping leveled the playing field. If one dopes, they all have to dope. Lance on EPO is still stronger than everyone else on EPO. He's a damn engine.