Monday, July 13, 2009


My back is a massive piece of shit. Almost a year ago my L4/5 disc decided to fuck with me. So like the pussy that it is, it ruptured. The fucking thing started oozing out and ran into my sciatic nerve. It mashed up against it and brought me tremendous joy down my leg. Fire and DEEEEEEEEP down pain was all I knew. No sleep for most of 7 days tripped my shit out. I was jacked up on steroids, vicoden, and pain for a solid week before I finally got an epidural. Man, that was such a relief once I finally got that shot.

Fastforward to a couple weeks ago. And it took a dump on me again. Not nearly as bad, but very close. I cold feel sparks down the leg and I knew that the fucking L4/5 son-of-a-bitch was swellin up. I've been avoiding surgery because I believe my body will fix itself. My body is a temple, after all. For the better part of the year, my plan was working like a charm. But I haven't been as consistent as I'd like. I just need to get all jockish. So in order to motivate myself, I'm officially announcing that NEW HEFE has begun...again. In order to be solid for this fall's surf, it's back to the hardcore program that I've been slacking with....biking, martial arts, weights, lots of leg workouts, stetching, ibuprofen, and suppliments. to reach my full potential, I'll need to pick some Under Armour, a headband, Gator Gum, and some Oakley Razor Blades.

Here's how it's goin so far.

back in the saddle from Brown Recluse on Vimeo.


  1. You know what's missing? What do you mean you don't know? Look at those legs!!! Forget the Oakley Razor Blades. You need to take a razor to those legs, my brother.

  2. Yah, yah, yah. Back in the racing days them things woulda been smooth as a baby's behind. No need now cuz I don't ride enough.

  3. Right there with ya Jefe.

    It's been a sciatic summer for old man horhey.