Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Closer To Home

Right now I should be living the dream somewhere in Central America instead of sitting in front of my cuntputer. The secret plan was to quit the job right after the 08/09 winter swell season, maybe around May. Then load up the Super Van and surf my way south to Panama and back. Solo mission. I travel well that way. Just stack up some boards and cruize, man. You don't need much else besides board shorts and some wax. Ahh, the simple life. I'd bring all the camera gear and laptop for editing during the down time. Lots of reading and practicing Spanish, too. I was gonna make zero plans and just go wherever/whenever for about 6 months...or as long as the money lasted. It goes a lot further when you eats cans of tuna, roadside tacos, and fresh fruit all day. I have a ton of surf spots I wanna hit and that was gonna be my only guide. Who knows, maybe I'd find a little slice of heaven somewhere and post up for a while. Then when I was ready, I'd head back to Santa Barbara and find a new jobby job. But then the economy tanked and there's no jobs to come back to. So I stayed home, sold the van, and put all the money into a new car. The dream is dead for now. Maybe I'll do it in 2013. The 10 year anniversary of my 2003 Sabbatical in Costa Rica. But for now, I'm actually cool with it. I'm stoked for the job I have. I just need an adventure. Maybe I need to go camping and burn/blow up some shit. The CA city life gets a little mundane especially when you have an 8-5 and a boss with zero wanderlust. He doesn't understand the need to get caveman every once in a while. I need to shake things up a Vanessa and Brett in Closer To Home. Except for all the hippy music and environmental protection, I like their style.


  1. Its nice to dream about living the dream, I do it all the time, but can't figure out how to pull it off, but would love to!, win me the mega bucks, please! I am to scared to just be a broke bumb with nothing to my name but a good tan, and knarly surfing skills. Some people are ok with it though, so good for them. I think alot of those people might be trustafarians.

  2. I'm not scared to be a broke "bumb". I'm more scared to live a boring, cliche autobiography. I don't need "things" like a house. All I want in life is a good tan, gnarly shred skills, and some lovin. And some corndogs.

  3. El Hefe - a life like that doesn't allow you to afford corndogs...that's a luxury you con the touristas to front you...
    Coconuts and a machete will get you by...
    Leaves for t.p. (you'll need it living on coconuts).

    Ever gone for it??

  4. Go get it then Hefe! Be a broke bumb! If your not scared what are you waiting for!?

  5. I've got a good thing going right now, so I might as well see how this plays out.