Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Karl Malden makes it an even 6

Coming out of left field, it's Karl Malden to swoop in front of Swayze and claim the #3 spot of the second set of 3 dead famous people. They always go in 3's. I didn't even know he was still alive. I think I first remember him from The Poseidon Adventure. Then Amex commercials. Dude was old when I was young. Now I'm old and he's dead. He was a handsome man and a class act who had an old school Hollywood career. And he made it to 97 years old. Good job, considering the number of years he breathed the goddamm aweful Los Angeles smog. I have a sneaking suspicion we have another set of 3 getting ready start any day now (maybe it's just because we have so many famous people now). By the way that Swayze smokes cigs and has advanced cancer, I'd go double or nothing on Swayze being in that 3.



  2. There's no way that dude was alive last week. No way. Streets of San Francisco? That shit was OLD!!!

    Swayze already been a ghost dude, don't worry about Swayze. He can go back and forth.