Saturday, July 18, 2009

Super Saturday

No waves today, and I didn't feel like going to the gym, so I accomplished a few missions...

#1...After chugging coffee and checking the lack of surf, I located a cool gun shop in Ventura. Gun dealers ALWAYS have a hillbilly accent. And I'm always the smartest guy in the place. While I was there, some methhead lady cruized through and said she needed a really small gun that she could hide. Gun Dealer #1 told her to get the fuck out. I was there to order a Saiga 762 and that's what I did. Gun Dealer #2 was stoked on my choice, even though it was "commie". I don't really understand CA Gun Law, but I think they said I should be able to pick it up this week if my backgound check clears. Die mother fucking zombies!!!

#2...Still no surf after buying my nice, new rifle, so I drove home and shaped the world's greatest surfboard. I didn't really know what I wanted to ride, so I went into it half assed. I was thinking I wanted something like a Terry Fitzgerald Drifta. I don't think I even came close. It's going to be a 2+1 fin setup. Dimensions are roughly 6'5" x 22.5 x 2 7/8??? But that could change once I decide to "touch things up". Not sure how this pig will ride, but I don't really care. I built this shit, so it's the best board ever.

#3...Liz Clark is living the dream and I'm so stoked for her. She sails around, surfs, and climbs trees for coconuts in tropical locations. She's featured in a new video called Dear & Yonder and it was showing at Patagonia Headquarters. Liz was there with a neat little slide show before D & Y. It's a chick flick filled with chicks surfin. So basically it's porn to me. But once I got over that, I realized it's a film worth seeing. Usually girl shred flicks seem to complain about being a girl in a male dominated world. This one just puts them out there and makes no excuses, wipeouts and all. Girls need to burn their fucking Cosmo, InStyle, and Vogue's and follow her example. Good stuff, sister.

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