Friday, July 17, 2009

Saiga 7.62

California gun laws suck balls. For good reason. We got a world class collection of nutbags lurking around out there. In these trying times, when a decent, upstanding, concerned citizen like myself wants to score a high-powered assault rifle, we're screwed. But I think found a nice little way around it thanks to a loophole in the laws. I can pick up a civilized AK47. It's called the Saiga. SAIGA mother fuckers! No pistol grip, no collapsable stock, no flare/grenade launcher, no problem. I can live without those. I'm trying to decide between the 7.62 and the 308. And then I'm gonna blow the shit outta paper targets, watermellons, & old cuntputers.

When the shit hits the fan, it's better to have IT and not need IT, than need IT and not have IT.


  1. you're gonna need a bigger gun than that for the apocalypse or zombie attack

  2. .....but every one needs a pistol grip, a collapsable stock & a grenade launcher.....

  3. The dealer was right about you comrade. Superior Arms...all the way. Or if the CA laws bother you so much...plenty of really good mini 14's out there in 223 to chose from.