Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I pulled $300 outta checking on sunday.


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  2. Dearest beloved,

    Greetings in the most precious name of our Lord. My beloved, I know that my letter may have come to you as a surprise, but I pray that you read it and listen to your heart before you reply me. I am writing this mail to you with tears in my eyes over my son, Johnson. I do not want him to live in the orphanage if I die as a result of my illness. It is obvious that my life will not permit me to raise him.

    I was raised in the orphanage after my parents died and I do not want my son to experience the sadness I had as a foster child. My name is Mrs. Mary Annie Douglas. I am a widow. My late husband Mr. Gilbert Douglas and our two daughters were among other Indonesians who died on the 26th of day of December, 2004 to the Tsunami Disaster. You can view his website for more details: http://www.guardian.co.uk/gall/0,,1380645,00.html I had lived in London United Kingdom with my family since 1993 before the Tsunami disaster occurred in 2004.

    I and my family members were supposed to travel to Indonesia for Christmas and new year holiday, but my ill health didn't permit me to travel with them, and this made me and Johnson to stay behind while my husband traveled with our two daughters, Jenny and Ruth to Indonesia. Now, I am writing this mail to you not because of my family's tragedy but because of the medical report I received from doctors after my cancer diagnosis. I have been informed by the doctor that I may not live longer than few weeks because of the damage cancer cells and diabetes have done to my body I was requested to sign a undertaken to undergo an urgent surgery to save my life. My doctor has insisted that I must sign an undertaken before going in for the surgery because of the chances of survival is not guaranteed even after undergoing the surgery. Regardless of my illness, I still love to take care of my son who is only 10years old but due to my health problem, I do not know how long I can live with him.

    Johnson's life is my major concern and source of worry presently. My son's name is Johnson. Since it is possible that I may die of my sickness soon, my son's wellbeing and education is my greatest worry. I appeal to you to take care of my son for me. I do not have any other relative in London to take care of him if I die. My relatives in Indonesia were all dead during Tsunami disaster. I have a Trust Fund Account that worth £580,000.00 GBP with Abbey bank and Fidelity Trust bank London United Kingdom, which I have kept on fixed deposit and I intended to invest with it in Johnson's name when he grows up.

    I believe this money can help you to take care of my son's needs and education. I will give you all the details related to this Trust fund as my next of Kin if you accept to take care of my son with honesty. This fund will help you to take care of my son's basic needs until he grows to become a man. I beg you accept him not because of the money which I will offer to you but for the pity of his uncertain future. Please do not be indifferent to this request because I really need you to take care of my son because I may not live to take care of him.

    Please reply me immediately if you truly accept my request to take care of my son.

    God Blessings,

  3. your account information is on that... silly....


  4. Sister, if that was my account I wouldn't be anywhere near a stupid cuntputer. I'd be surfing warm water lefts till my arms fall off every single day till the money runs out. I'm open to ideas about ripping off account #XXXXXX9185 for about $396,399.61.

  5. Its funny how people with large balances always leave the slip behind, they do it on purpose just to piss you off.

  6. where did you find that, in the trash?