Friday, March 20, 2009


If you're like me and you enjoy several after snowshred beers, good jukeboxes, good peeps, meaty burgers, tater tots, dive bars, a kick-ass deck in the summer, spud guns, underage chicks, and general rowdiness, then you shoulda partied at Buckwheat's in Sun Valley, Idaho during the 90's. No glitz, no glamour. Just a double wide filled with mountain town folks celebrating another day above ground. I poured beer and grilled the meat products for the owners, and my good friends, CJ and his mommy Char. The beers were big my friend...32 oz. I fell down many times and I lived right next door. The regular drunks included JT, The Beer Camel, Fisk, Growler, Turtle, and every construction worker within 100 square miles. This place took years off my liver. One of my bros just started a Buckwheat's Deck Facebook group and it's flooding with stories from back in the day. Best time of my life....besides right now.

1993...and the livin was EZ

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