Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Dirty Jersey

Today is very's Double Post Wednesday. Not to be confused with double pump tuesday, double flush, or Double Double Animal Style. The second post had to happen since I found a wicked awesome docuMENtary called Guido Beach. I'm blatantly rippin off Board As Fuck cuz this Guido shit Christ, you just gotta see the way these people live. It's the East Coast answer to Newport Beach, only more spikey hair, obvious cap tilting (do people really still rock that look), Douchey Gabana sunglasses, and collasal amounts of steroid zits. Worst beach Ever, but some nice cans here and there.


  1. pssshhhht you gotta stay up on the rebloggerizm bro comeon bro:

    shit got tackled on Friday, August 01, 2008.

    that said, I just watched it again in amazement. I cannot believe any of it is real... it just has to be the biggest Truman Show shit of all time... there's no way.

  2. Shhiiiitttt. I'm retro 2008, bro. I still rock the Ed Hardy Jeans. I guess it's worth a second look. Thank you parents that you didn't grow up in The Garden State.

  3. I just can't allow it into my logical space that any of it is real...or at least, that they're not in on the joke.

    Is it a real organic phenomenon--this whole Italian fuggin jibroni ayoo shit? Or is there some cultural feedback going on, where they're like "oh this guy is from California, I'd better lay it on really thick with the 'fuggedaboutit' accent" and shit?

    but then I look at the roided-out aspect and that's a LONG way to go for a joke...and those chicks are DUMB as hell

    this is why they hate us
    this is why I hate us

  4. dude, i gotta start hitten the gym. funny shit. btw, thanks for sticking up for me in the NB/SB blogwar thats begining