Sunday, March 22, 2009

I gave Thomas Campbell $12

Here in Santa Barbara there was almost no hype for the showing of a new surf flick called The Present. The theater was less than half full. I was kind of embarrassed at the lack of turnout. Although, come to think of it, I didn't really want to see the movie either. But it was friday and I needed to get out the house. I've been a bit too much of a smelly hermit recently. All I do is surf a few waves, hit the gym, work some martial arts classes, and stuff my face. So I figured it would be some comedy and it would keep me away from the TV for a short time. I met up with Ryan and we enjoyed the Mattson 2 duo warm up the crowd with an hour of full blown Norwegian Black Metal covers of Cat Stevens tunes. One of them dressed as a gothic goat and the other as Satan Himself. The stage was litered with fire, corpes, burning crosses, and bloody sacrifices, Awe fuck, just kiddin. They played some jazzy shit that you've heard in mellow surf flicks forever. It's great for maybe one stoney scene from some place like Sumatra or the Mentawies. Then it's not so great and makes me wanna kick puppies. The movie played and I just kept thinking "how cliche". I also said "why is he not focusing his camera?", "how come there's not much surfing in this surf film", and "why does the editor keep speeding up the film ridiculously fast?". Everything woulda been great on about 1998, but it's nothing special here in 2009. I guess I expect a little more creativity. A local kid named Morgan is the shit these days. I'm hoping he puts out some flick so I can leave my house again. When The Present ended it was now in the future by about an hour. I was more or less the same. Not happy not sad. Just an hour older. I decided to leave, eat Super Cucas, and rehermit myself.


More Morgan...



  2. you are right about morgan.
    hope he keeps it up.
    theres heart and soul in hes work.

  3. Cmon Jeff- go out there and do the tickle and tackle or something and get out there!, when are you gonna find that chick? Pulling stick gets old.

  4. El Hefe, where have you been all my life?

  5. Well, Peppercock, if you're some hot chick with great big boobs and a guy's name then I'm right here, honey. Otherwise, you can cruize right along and fantasize about all the young boys wearing tight pants at I hear they're "into it". Tell them Al Knost sent ya.