Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Glass Joe

1984...Surgery/pins put in hip to stabilize growth plate
1985...Surgery/pins taken out of hip
March 1993...Tears in both meniscuses due to long season of flat landings, but no surgery
March 1994...Slight tear of right MCL but no surgery
April 1998...Surgery to install artificial left hip
December 2001...Broke collar bone snowshredding
June 2002...Surgery/repair collar bone which isn't healing
January 2003...Minor surgery to take out collarbone hardware
January 2003...Right elbow gets cast due to wandering bone chips
June 2007...Left shoulder gets cortesone due too much swimming, lifting, & surfing
December 2007...Back pain makes me see doc, pills prescribed
February 2008...Right shoulder gets another cortesone shot due to bursitis
April 2008...Back, neck, and shoulder pain leads doc to prescribe more pills
June 2008...Shoulder gets another cortesone shot cuz it's still fucked
July 2008...Back is fucked due to big ol ruptured disc...Sciatica feels like flaming battery acid wrapped in barbed wire....I took a shit-ton of pills and continuing lots of exercises/rehab...back still fucked...I'm avoiding surgery

This is just the injuries that I can easily remember. Lots of random limpin, gimping, icing, ibuprofen, and down time in between. My shit's broken down right now, and it's been a mess for over a year. Glass da da da di da...Glass Joe strikes again. It makes it tough to stretch the hammys. I need to get back on the yoga program. Yoga is good.

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